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Once your request has been successfully submitted, it will be reviewed in the order in which it is received. If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email within 3-5 business days with a printable PDF of your reservation record. If your request is not approved you will be notified in the same manner.
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Below, please specify the location(s) where you would like your event to occur. *Events scheduled on the 2nd Floor Rotunda may be recheduled or relocated to accommodate priority business of the State*

The first floor rotunda diagram may be found here.

Separate requests must be submitted to reserve the 1st Floor Rotunda/Hallway areas, South Steps/Grounds, and the 2nd Floor Rotunda.
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Requested Schedule

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Charges may apply for after-hour and/or weekend events that require Capitol Police security and/or Capitol Facilities custodial services. Invoices for services will be emailed to the user along with reservation confirmation.

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<November 2019>

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NOTE: The podium does not have AV available.
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State Capitol Reservations Policies and Procedures

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The granting of a permit by the State of Mississippi for use of any space indicates neither endorsement nor support by the State of the views or religious beliefs of the organization sponsoring the demonstration or activity.